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“Our education and learning drive will never stop, no matter the circumstances.”

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the national directive to practice social distancing, we at Grace Valley Indian School have developed a comprehensive and rigorous online learning programme. The programme is designed to foster academic excellence within a safe, well-disciplined and friendly community.

The Holistic and Futuristic Learning Approach.

We have implemented distance learning practices for all students of Grace Valley Indian School. We are committed to providing students with the best education possible during the period of school closure. Our teachers are working harder than ever to ensure that we continue to offer as comprehensive a programme as possible under these extraordinary circumstances. We are confident that our students will continue to adapt and respond positively.

Teachers will have to balance new and different ways of teaching their students remotely, whilst also being mindful that, ultimately, learning is at the heart of what we do. This will be an opportunity to experiment with new teaching methods and new content.

Digital learning at its best!

GVIS : a G-Suite School

G-Suite is a cloud-based learning platform that enables educators to create opportunities for learning, streamline administrative tasks and challenge their students to think critically.

GVIS is a Google For Education school, utilizing the full range of apps in the powerful G-Suite to engage students and parents in their learning journey.  Google Classroom is a part of G Suite for Education, offering a great way for teachers to connect with students online. 

GVIS works with students to educate them around using G-Suite in a productive and responsible manner. This approach maximizes connections within and beyond the classroom, with students collaborating and creating in new and engaging ways. Through this approach, students develop an IT skill set that will be indispensable in preparing them for their future.

Enabling smartest learning.

Every students’ curriculum will include a mixture of pre-recorded classes and interactive online live sessions with class and subject teachers. We will continue to reinforce all lessons by providing follow-up assignments, reading material and fun activities that help students understand their subject matter better. We always strive to supercharge our lessons and open up new ways for our students to collaborate with each other. It gives every student a voice regardless of their level.

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GVIS provides G-Suit accounts to all students to join their respective Google classroom. They can attend and participate online live classes with Google Meet with their teacher and classmates

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After each lesson students have to attend online assessments or Quizez. We opens innovative ways to boost student collaboration and engagement with the help of advanced tools.

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In addition to their online classes, students have to complete
offline assignments and projects with hands-on materials. We offer unlimited number of co-curricular activities to participate online.

Thank you parents! You are the BEST!

We appreciate your support and willingness to adapt to remote learning. Although classes are being delivered online, we understand that these are challenging times for our students and parents. Our teachers and staff are always available for any kind of assistance and support to our parents and students to embrace these new methods of learning. To share your suggestions and feedback, please email mailtogvis@gmail.com